Business Consulting & Sales Training in Michigan, Provided by ACTS

Advancing Consulting and Training Solutions, "ACTS", is a leading organization that offers small business consulting and sales training in southeast Michigan. Our award winning experts are effectively trained and highly experienced in developing and increasing growth in sales and overall business production!

Starting a Business

Are you a considering starting a new business? What should you name your business? Should you form a LLC, partnership, corporation or go at it alone as a sole proprietor? There are so many options and questions. Wouldn't it be wise to have some advice as to which road to take on your way to success. ACTS can provide you with effective, strategic and proven counsel to get your small business of the ground


Are you involved in sales? Are you a sales manager or sales director who is looking to improve their sales team/departments results and productivity? ACTS will focus on improving your company's productivity and sales teams performance by providing a thorough analysis of sales processes and procedures. We will provide specific consultation and advice to advance your organization's sales goals and objectives.

Development & Training

Ongoing development and training is essential for your organization to stay relevant and competitive in our ever-changing economy. No matter what level you are at as a salesperson, manager, or business owner; there is still the need for periodic development, motivation and coaching. ACTS can provide the training and development that will re-energize you and your organization.

Services Provided by ACTS:

  • Small & Medium Business Consulting Services
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Business Growth and Development Strategies
  • Motivational Speaking/Guest Speaking
  • Business Training
  • Business Marketing Strategies
  • and much more...

Many small businesses face tough challenges in sustaining and growing their business. The primary reason for this is because they lack the necessary consultation, training and development. Some organizations can not afford to administrate a sales development and/or sales training department so they pass on this important resource all together. There are also those companies who would rather focus 100% on their core business instead of diverting resources toward training and development. We assure you that these are key practices that endanger the growth and efficiency of your Michigan business. Advancing Consulting & Training Solutions is readily available to provide you with proven strategies that will develop your Michigan business into a profiting organization!

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