About Advancing Consulting & Training Solutions | ACTS LLC

Advancing Consulting & Training Solutions, LLC (ACTS) is a privately owned for profit consulting, training and personal development company founded and directed by Randy R. Ellison. Its primary focus is concentrated in the services industry working with sales staffs, small business owners, and providing development and training. ACTS is able to offer unique and effective consulting as well as relevant sales and individual development programs. ACTS achieves this goal by leveraging expertise in both its seasoned advisory team and professional affiliations.

About the Founder & Director:

Randy R. Ellison, a recent winner of the Linda M. Woolwine Leadership Award, is very passionate about empowering people to become successful. He desires to see them grow, get engaged in their personal development and "advance to the next level". Randy has over 19 years of experience in leadership, sales, customer service, training and development.

He is a graduate from Eastern Michigan University. There, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in management with a focus in marketing. Randy also holds licenses in Property & Casualty and Life & Health from the State of Michigan.

He has contributed to several business organizations in southeast Michigan that look to drive growth and economic development. In 2009 he served as a moderator and project team member for Automation Alley's Business Growth Committee.

Randy also has extensive experience working in the development of youth and young adults in both the public and private sectors. In fact he received a Certificate of Appreciation from leadership within the Detroit Public Schools for his participation in their 2008 Career Day. Throughout his career he has participated in many different community organizations and events that focus on individual development.

Randy currently provides counsel, development, and training to one of the top insurance companies in the state of Michigan. There, he serves as an Agency Development Specialist for southeast Michigan. In this capacity, he makes significant contributions to the organization by providing sales development, CRM training/implementation, business plan development, marketing and advertising strategies. Throughout his tenure with the company he has assisted its leadership in the achievement of many of their goals and objectives.

Core Values:

ACTS holds to high standards and strives to be a responsible organization. It bases its operations on 5 Core Values. These values insure that the company maintains its overall goal and focus to improve the performance and efficiency of its clients and customers. The company values are:

  • Confidence: Assured of its ability to understand and fully relate to its client's needs and goals while developing strategies to achieve its customer's objectives at a high level of efficiency
  • Faithfulness: Reliable, trustworthy, able to be depended on by its clients by employing a strong sense of responsibility to duty or task
  • Diligence: Constant and persistent in all efforts and endeavors, fully engaging in the process of development and enhancement of its clients
  • Relevance: Practical in approach and delivery, possessing relatable, real-world solutions to its client's concerns and challenges
  • Progressiveness: Focused on moving forward, favoring successive, sustainable improvement through ongoing acquisition and application of wisdom, knowledge and understanding

ACTS' Mission Statement:

To employ all skills and wisdom available to empower, engage, and improve the success of the individuals and organizations that ACTS serves.