The Importance of Keeping a Positive Attitude in Business

How can you develop and keep a positive outlook about your future amidst the overwhelming tide of negativity that's flooding our nation? It's a daunting challenge when you look around and all you see is the troubled economy, high unemployment, and the forecast of slow growth.

Well, I believe it's entirely possible to have a realistic, yet optimistic picture of your future. If you make a conscious choice to develop and keep a positive attitude, you can accelerate yourself on the highway to true success no matter what circumstances you face.

5 tips on developing and keeping a positive attitude that leads to success:

  • Recognize that forming a positive attitude is the cornerstone for building success. Without developing and keeping a positive attitude it will be very difficult to construct any resolve to obtain consistent and long-lasting success. Abraham Lincoln said, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." Surely he knew a thing or two about staying positive in discouraging circumstances.
  • Understand that your attitude is shaped by the thoughts, ideas, and opinions you allow into your thought process. You create your own reality! You must choose to become very selective in what you listen to, watch, and read.
  • Believe that you can change your attitude by choosing to look forward, be positive and look at all of the opportunities that could be available to you.
  • Take action towards developing a positive attitude.
  • Become accountable to someone who can support you in taking action in developing and keeping a positive attitude. Ask them to "keep you honest" in your pursuit of making positive changes.

Take a moment out of your schedule today to think about your attitude. Could it use an injection of positivity? Well consider an important 2002 study by the Georgia Institute of Technology. Their study indicated that job-searchers who were; Optimistic (having a positive attitude), Confident (possessing high self esteem), and Diligent (more organized and that followed up) tended to look harder and longer for jobs and consequently had more success in obtaining them.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Archived newsroom article from Sept. 18th, 2002

Georgia Institute of Technology