Are you loosing out on sales opportunities?

It has been a many years since Customer Relationship Management -CRM, tools have been introduced to sales organizations and individual salespeople. However, there is a chance that these types of tools are not being utilized to their full potential. That is unfortunate because in today's environment it is becoming more and more challenging to increase production and drive revenues due to increased competition and a slower economy.

The X-Dating (customer tracking) features included in some CRM tools could provide support to your organization and to an individual salesperson by keeping track of the leads that you've generated through referrals, walk-ins, call-ins, marketing events, group outings, cold-calling, etc. With that being said, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How many people did you talk to or quote 5 months ago this day?
  • What are the names of those people that you previously talked to or quoted?
  • Do you already have it on your schedule to contact all of those possible clients?
  • Can you segment all of those leads by needs, preferences, competition, etc?
  • Did you know that you have a great opportunity to gain their business because you've persisted in contacting them one more time?

If you can not answer these questions then don't you own it to yourself and your company to begin to utilize new technology to keep better track of your existing clients as well as position yourself to gain new clients?

Remember conservative estimates indicate that you will be able to sell 15-20% of the people you persist in contacting more than once. The opportunity is there-why leave money on the table?

You may already be using a system effectively. However, if you have not been using any system then you may want to start. Again, the opportunity is there-why leave money on the table?

If you are interested in obtaining more information about CRM resources then please contact ACTS, LLC.